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Good news! The list of the most potential automobile material innovation awards in 2019


As one of China's seven strategic emerging industries and one of the ten key development areas of "made in China 2025", new material industry is the industrial foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the whole manufacturing industry.
In order to implement the principle of "demand traction, innovative development, market leading and government guidance" in the new material development guide, and to better serve the industrial chain docking and innovative development of new material enterprises, Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Shanghai Automotive Engineering Association, Shanghai Chemical Industry Association, Shanghai Plastic Industry Association and Shanghai steel Under the guidance of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, seven associations including the iron service industry association and Shanghai Nonferrous Metals network set up a cooperation platform for strategic partners of "automobile innovative materials and Applications" in January 2019, focusing on the development direction of the industry, promoting the integrated and innovative development of the material industry and the automobile industry, discussing solutions for automobile materials and building a green development of the automobile industry chain To promote the establishment of advanced new energy automobile industry cluster.
In February 2019, relying on the association and the portal website Shanghai Nonferrous Metals network, the platform collected relevant product information related to automobile matching from national new material enterprises, and employed more than ten "automobile new material experts" to participate in the selection work, aiming to further smooth the docking between R & D departments of upstream and downstream enterprises, and encourage new material enterprises to strengthen basic research and technology accumulation of cutting-edge materials, and promote The deep connection between the nonferrous new material industry and the automobile and parts industry will promote the marketization of new products and new technologies of enterprises.
The list of "the most potential automobile material innovation award in 2019" was finally selected after many months of selection and comprehensive evaluation and scoring by the jury. Today, it was announced in the "new material forum of China Industrial Expo - 2019 China automotive new material application Summit Forum", and the awarding ceremony was held for the shortlisted enterprises.

The list of the most potential automobile material innovation awards in 2019 is as follows
(regardless of rank)
Guangxi Nannan aluminum processing Co., Ltd
Ruyuan dongyangguang aixijie fine foil Co., Ltd
Southwest Aluminum Industry (Group) Co., Ltd
Yantai Conglin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Yinbang metal composite materials Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Changlu Aluminum Industry Group Co., Ltd
Fuwei Technology (Wujiang) Co., Ltd
Chinalco Huazhong Copper Co., Ltd
Youmo technology information (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd
Yongjie new materials Co., Ltd
Shaanxi Zinc Industry Co., Ltd
Hunan Jinyuan New Material Co., Ltd
Sichuan Yibin Libao New Material Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Xiangying New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Guangdong Jianmei aluminum profile factory (Group) Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Xinhai Gaodao New Material Co., Ltd
Tianjin Donggao Membrane Technology Co., Ltd
Baoding Longda Aluminum Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Dingsheng new energy materials Co., Ltd
Nantong Hongjin Metal Aluminum Co., Ltd
Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd
Chinalco Ruimin Co., Ltd
Guangdong Xingfa Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Grangis aluminum (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Asia Pacific light alloy (Nantong) Technology Co., Ltd
Guangdong Hesheng Industrial Aluminum Co., Ltd
Ningbo Xingye Shengtai Group Co., Ltd
Anhui Xinke Copper Co., Ltd
Kaimeilong precision copper strip (Henan) Co., Ltd
Taishan Jinqiao Aluminum Profile Factory Co., Ltd
Chinalco Luoyang Copper Processing Co., Ltd
Ningbo Bowei alloy material Co., Ltd
"New material forum of China Industrial Expo - 2019 China automotive new materials application Summit Forum" takes innovation, application and development as the theme. Only by creating new materials and researching new technologies can they be applied and achieve new development and new future for the automotive industry. This "2019 most potential automobile material innovation award" is to encourage enterprises' innovation efforts and research and development, and also to praise the above-mentioned enterprises and their new discoveries and new research on automobile materials, which are worthy of praise and recognition.
It is hoped that in the rapid development, they will be able to develop technology and innovative materials in automobile application, and "copper" will cast the future of automobile industry, and "aluminum" will make great achievements in the industry, and work together for a better tomorrow. Thank you for your support. SMM would like to congratulate you!

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