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Guangxi actively promotes the integration of resources and promotes the construction of ecological aluminum industrial base


In order to deepen the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, and actively promote the establishment of Guangxi's key projects of more than 10 billion yuan, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guangxi has actively promoted the resource integration of state-owned enterprises, and realized the integration of Guangxi Investment Group unlimited company and Guangdong Nanbu Bay domestic port group unlimited company, each of which holds 13% equity of Guangxi Huasheng new information Co., Ltd., which will be invested by Guangxi after the integration is realized The Group Limited company holds 39% equity of Guangxi Huasheng new data Co., Ltd.
One belt, one road, is proposed by Guangxi Huasheng new information unlimited company to implement the structural reform of supply side, promote the strategic layout adjustment of China's alumina industry and upgrade the aluminum industry, and set up a joint venture by the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people's government and China Aluminum Co., Ltd., to further establish the ecological aluminum industrial base in Fangchenggang.
Guangxi aluminum industry base
The general layout adopts the form of establishing the general layout by stages. The annual output of metallurgical grade alumina is 4 million tons, the aluminum water is 800000 tons and the heating equipment of corresponding scale. At present, the construction of 2 million tons of alumina is under construction. Using guinea bauxite and adopting high temperature Bayer process, two 1 million tons / year alumina consumption lines are established according to the requirements of "standardization, ecology and intelligence". The plan will be completed and put into operation on June 30, 2020.
Through resource integration, the strong connection between Guangxi state-owned enterprises and central enterprises in aluminum industry has been realized, and the famous goal has been established powerlessly. At present, the construction of 2 million tons of alumina project has been started, and zero meters have been realized from the bottom. The steel structure and equipment have been developed unilaterally, with an accumulated investment of 1.138 billion yuan.