Industry Trends

Guangdong nonferrous industry (aluminum profile manufacturing, aluminum extrusion, aluminum alloy, etc


Research background
What is the impact of the temporary existence of trade frictions on production? What is the comfort of the tax reform in April on the promotion of the real economy? What are the processing profits of enterprises? Can enterprises stop hedging without using futures?
An aluminum plant in Zhaoqing
[enterprise status]
One of the largest aluminum profile manufacturers in Asia. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has been committed to the design and production of high-precision and sharp aluminum extrusion profiles. Through years of unremitting efforts and maintenance, the products have expanded from various aluminum profiles for building doors and windows and curtain walls to various fields including various industrial profiles, aerospace, rail transportation, automobile production, electronic appliances, communication technology, it, etc., and the products are all over the world 。 The production capacity of the enterprise is more than 300000 tons / year.
Enterprise brand operation, there are 14 furnaces, aluminum alloy secondary foreign negotiations, fixed manufacturers, (30000 tons of production, aluminum rod, aluminum ingot each half), products are mainly used in construction, curtain wall, aluminum doors and windows, furniture, mobile houses, etc., accounting for 80%, industry accounts for 20%. Future repair of aluminum mold, mobile house is needed to renovate; the country is also promoting the renovation of aluminum bridge; enterprise times We should rely on processing costs, no hedging, and respond to price risks by adjusting the sales rhythm, inventory of existing materials, and negotiating with the group to stop avoiding. As for the future price, it is optimistic that the high point is 14500, and the low point can fall below 13000. The secondary demand can not decline. Since June, alumina, carbon and electricity are weakening. Explicit inventory is not very responsive to supply and demand, and some enterprises take goods indirectly from manufacturers.
Aluminum profile extrusion
[trade friction results]
Secondary specialized in the international market, import secondary through agents, high international share, unlimited impact on it.
Qingyuan copper rod factory
[enterprise status]
The enterprise specialized in producing Φ 8mm low oxygen copper rod is located in the famous "copper town". The company has a production capacity of 200000 tons / year copper rod, and a new production line is under construction.
At present, Guangdong has a production capacity of 1.3 million tons. At present, there is a strong competition among different places, and the price difference is secondary to the freight difference. The profit is low, the payment on delivery is less, and the accounting period is less. Enterprises mainly purchase copper plate from Nancang and process copper scrap into copper rod. The general processing cost is 700-900 yuan / ton, which is currently 580 yuan / ton. Due to the difference of old capital and tax refund, the prices are slightly different. The inventory of the enterprise is 2000 tons / month, and there are about 300 tons of hedging. There are trading enterprises in the headquarters. After the import of 6 kinds of wastes is less, some wastes of 7 categories are mainly used. The profit of the enterprise mainly comes from the processing fee and promotion discount, and the output value of the scheme increases from 5 billion to 10 billion. Upstream production is not good, especially in recent months, which has been greatly affected by trade friction.
Qingyuan copper strip factory
[enterprise status]
Amateur engaged in copper alloy plate and strip R & D, production and sales. The company was established in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province in 2005, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan, accounting for more than 100 mu of high-altitude space, with more than 400 employees. Now it has the production ability of 50000 tons of copper alloy plate and strip. The products cover the general copper belt series, and are widely used in hardware and electrical appliances, electronics, lamps, electric cap, clothing, lighting, jewelry, locks and other industries.
In the second month, the production capacity of secondary products was higher than that of secondary products (copper ingot + scrap metal), and the price of secondary products was higher than that of secondary products (copper ingot + scrap metal), and the cost of secondary products increased by about 35-7% in the previous month. Copper scrap inventory is high, mainly due to the national adjustment of waste import policy, raw material shortage. The controlling shareholder is a listed company, and has done hedging. The research enterprise business division independently calculates. When the copper material is at a high level, it will do some hedging operations based on the processing profit, but it is relatively few. Enterprise accounting period is 7-10 days, is actively looking for waste suppliers.
Foshan aluminum enterprise
[enterprise status]
It is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating the research, design, production and sales of aluminum alloy building profiles, industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum alloy doors and windows curtain walls. It is a demonstration enterprise of China's aluminum profile industry, a designated manufacturer of metal materials and aluminum doors and windows curtain walls built by the Ministry of establishment of the people's Republic of China, and one of the important revision units of the national aluminum profile industry standards. The state has launched the incentive investment of the Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce Capital of the special large-scale aluminum alloy products R & D enterprises. Our products are exported to more than 30 provinces and municipalities.
The production capacity is 300000 tons, construction materials are flat (80%), industrial aluminum tends to grow, but accounts for a small proportion (20%); photovoltaic, automobile, 5g, all aluminum furniture, aluminum formwork are the future growth highlights. Because of its low profit margin, it is constantly thinking of ways to increase its capital, rarely hedging, and focusing on quality and R & D. in 2018, it invested 66 million R & D, and even more wanted to stop brand premium sales with quality and renovation. Trade performance has an unlimited impact on it, because it still depends on the international market, sales mainly follow the market + processing fees.
Delivery logistics warehouse
Storage management group unlimited company is a comprehensive logistics service group integrating warehousing service, commodity management service, business information, transportation (highway, railway, dry road), freight forwarding service, food cold chain, etc. The group headquarters is located in Foshan, the peripheral city of the Pearl River Delta economic circle, with nearly 30 family members. The company is the designated delivery warehouse of Shanghai Futures Exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange. Amateur level in the industry has been the benchmark, is the key drafting unit of "warehouse receipt factors and pattern specification", the enterprise standard has been officially listed in wusheng industry national standard.