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New challenge to aluminum alloy profile brought by automobile lightweight


In order to adhere to environmental protection, the state puts forward new requirements on vehicle emissions, and commission the use of new energy vehicles. Simple car design can not meet the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction. The lightweight car body is bound to become more and more important. Many materials have been customized with aluminum alloy profiles, which will become the new development of the automotive industry. This is mainly because the weight of the car body and exhaust emissions have a certain relationship. How to reduce the weight of the car body has become a new topic for automotive engineers. Therefore, aluminum alloy profile not only faces new development path, but also faces new challenges.
Aluminum alloy profile is extruded from aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy extrusion material used in automobile must be customized, which is different from ordinary industrial aluminum profile in bulky and single. Custom made aluminum alloy materials can not only be extruded, but also be melted and cast with relatively thin thickness. At present, in addition to magnesium, aluminum alloy is the first ideal material for automobile body lightweight. According to the foreign research report, the body weight of a car can be reduced by 40% if it is replaced by aluminum alloy
In addition to the advantages of weight, aluminum alloy profiles are lighter than steel products. They have low density, high strength and hardness, and have seismic advantages. And aluminum alloy products can be recycled, strong plasticity, simple processing. Therefore, in the face of the future of automobile lightweight, the development of aluminum alloy is irresistible!
Aluminum products have been extruded aluminum alloy profiles or processed into frames can be found jungle precision machinery, old manufacturers, advanced equipment, processing experience, good service.