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High speed rail body with "green aluminum" made in Shandong


On September 21, the 12th national network media travel to Shandong Province entered Conglin group to feel how the "jungle law" with continuous innovation as the soul led the enterprises to a road of transformation and upgrading.
Conglin group's products, such as high-speed rail profiles, lightweight cars, aluminum alloy ships and aluminum alloy pedestrian bridges, are always at the forefront of the industry through planning in advance, independent R & D and innovation.
Shandong, China, September 21 (trainee reporter Liu Zirui) "high speed rail parts are all made by us." On September 21, Su Zhenjia, chairman of Conglin group in Longkou, Yantai, introduced the situation to the interview group of "supply side · Shandong strategy - the 12th China network media travel to Shandong". Relying on the combination of scientific and technological innovation and market innovation, Conglin group has long said goodbye to low-end products such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, and has successfully developed lightweight automobiles, aluminum alloy ships and aluminum alloy days Bridge, aluminum alloy building formwork and other high-end products. Moreover, due to the aluminum material greatly reduces the body weight, the jungle also indirectly cleared the barrier for the high-speed rail speed.
For a long time, high pollution and high energy consumption are the inherent impression of aluminum in the smelting stage. Jungle group has also been wandering in the low-end market of aluminum industry in the past. "Gradually we found that aluminum has many advantages, light weight and corrosion resistance." Su Zhenjia told reporters that Conglin group took the lead in calling out the concept of "green aluminum" in China, and constantly stimulated the excellent performance of aluminum, making aluminum become a "green aluminum" with light weight, corrosion resistance, value maintenance and value-added, recycling and other characteristics.
In the production workshop of Conglin group, a row of cast high-speed rail roofs are neatly placed on the production line. Su Zhenjia told reporters that the roofs will soon be transported to CRRC for the assembly of high-speed rail and urban rail. Thanks to the light weight of the body and the improvement of the engine, the speed of the high-speed railway has increased from 200 km / h to 500 km / h.
In the jungle factory area, the reporter also saw a brand-new semi-trailer printed with the words "Jingdong" and a patrol boat with the words "China maritime surveillance" placed on the side of the plant. Su Zhenjia told reporters that these cars and boats are made of aluminum alloy. "For example, the trailers we produce for Jingdong, Yuantong and other logistics enterprises can save more than 70000 yuan of oil for enterprises every year because their weight is more than 30% lighter than steel body." The reporter learned that, because of the corrosion resistance of aluminum, more and more boats began to choose aluminum as the hull material, which is conducive to the speed of boats and can extend their service life.
In some big cities in Beijing, pedestrian overpasses have also begun to transform from steel to aluminum alloy. "Compared with the traditional steel overpass, the bridge weight is reduced by two-thirds, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 90% every year." Su Zhenjia said that after the service life of the overpass expired, the recovery rate reached 97%, which greatly saved the cost investment.
It is worth mentioning that Conglin group only took more than three years to make a breakthrough from zero to industrialization of lightweight automobiles in China. At present, Conglin group has successfully developed aluminum box semi-trailer, tank semi-trailer, flat semi-trailer and container semi-trailer. It has become the only aluminum semi-trailer production enterprise approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology in China, which provides important support for the realization of lightweight heavy-duty trucks in China.
It is the first time that Wang Feng, a well-known commentator participating in this media tour, has come to Yantai for the first time. Wang Feng said frankly that he was shocked when he came to the jungle group. "I always thought that most of the advanced equipment accessories like high-speed railway locomotives would be imported. I didn't expect that our own enterprises could produce them, and our technology was still in the leading position in China."
This year, Longkou won the title of "China's famous transportation Aluminum City", becoming the only city in China to receive this honor. As a leading enterprise of high-end aluminum material industry in Longkou and even in China, the development track of Conglin group interprets the transformation and upgrading road of national enterprises, and also shows a transformation and upgrading road of industrial scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, more than 60% of the car body profiles in China have been made in the jungle.
However, at the same time of enterprise development, Su Zhenjia also has new problems. "Jungle aluminum alloy high-end equipment industry is an emerging industry in China, and lightweight automobile, aluminum alloy ship, aluminum alloy overpass and other products are emerging products, which are currently in the market cultivation stage, and the market share is not high." Su Zhenjia hopes that with the help of this media interview group's report, more iron and steel manufacturing enterprises can understand the use of aluminum.