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Why aluminum profile is more and more valued


The 2019 global intelligent manufacturing exchange conference was successfully concluded in Nanjing International Expo Center. With the theme of "intelligent new world, new industrial future", the conference will look at the development trend and important technology application of China's intelligent manufacturing from various aspects. Through visiting the exhibition, we really realized the rapid development and global influence of China in the intelligent manufacturing industry. At the exhibition, one after another vivid practical application cases are really eye-catching. We found that the selection of materials for many industrial intelligent applications was based on industrial aluminum profiles. Why is industrial aluminum profile more and more valued by industrial enterprises?
Aluminum profile
Industrial aluminum profiles are mainly made of 6 series materials. At present, 6063-T5 is the main material. At present, industrial assembly line profiles are widely used. European technology application is combined with national standards. At present, all kinds of specifications are complete and tend to be standardized, becoming the general profile on the market at present, and the spare parts are complete. The structure of industrial aluminum profile is simple and the connection mode is various, which is convenient for design and use.
From the mechanical properties of industrial aluminum profiles, the portability and extensibility of aluminum itself are more conducive to industrial enterprises' utilization, equipment weight reduction and various fuselage lightweight requirements. The surface of the oxidized aluminum profile is very beautiful and stable, which is very convenient for the maintenance of industrial enterprises. Whether it is used for mechanical equipment or aluminum alloy fence transformation in the workshop, it is very high-grade.
The most important point of industrial aluminum alloy profile is that the disassembly is very convenient and can be reused to save cost in the long run.