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Industrial aluminum profile accessories and high strength industrial aluminum advantages


Industrial aluminum profile accessories are specially used for the fastening connection of industrial aluminum profile frame system. At present, the commonly used industrial aluminum profile accessories include: semicircular head bolt, elastic fastener, flat machine bolt, cylindrical head bolt, T-bolt, flange nut, T-nut block, square nut block, elastic nut block, spring nut block, built-in connector, built-in internal connector, angle groove connector and angle Parts, strong angle, profile corner, three-dimensional angle connector, steering angle, anchor angle, movable hinge, slot bar connector, end cover plate, flat sealing groove strip, handle, door stopper, interval connecting block, hinge, metal hinge, shoe foot, metal shoe foot, caster, compound caster, Fuma wheel, etc.
1. Labor saving:
Due to the simple manufacturing process, it can save a lot of labor costs; especially when rework due to manufacturing errors, it can save several times of man hours than using traditional materials.
2. High production precision:
Because the manufacturing process has not experienced thermal welding, the material has no deformation, so the assembly accuracy is high; while the traditional materials using thermal welding will inevitably appear deformation, which will affect the final assembly accuracy.
3. Gorgeous appearance:
The appearance of the equipment using industrial aluminum profiles is more modern, and its unique anodic oxidation coating is more stable than the existing coating methods.
4. The production process of the aluminum profile is simple
It can be completed only by design, cutting / drilling and combination, while traditional materials usually go through complex processes such as design, cutting / drilling, welding, sandblasting / surface treatment and surface spraying.
5. The material can be reused
Due to the fact that there is no thermal welding in the whole manufacturing process of the parts using industrial aluminum profiles, all components can be easily disassembled, and all materials and accessories can be reused; however, traditional materials are rarely reused due to cutting deformation and high disassembly cost.