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China has developed a new aluminum alloy that can reduce aircraft weight by 15%


A Chinese company has developed the world's leading aluminum alloy technology, which is expected to help China's domestic C919 aircraft reduce the weight by 15% in the future.
The technology is a kind of nano ceramic aluminum alloy developed by Shanghai Junyao group. Wang Junhao, the company's president, said at a meeting on Sunday that the new material could increase the strength of traditional aluminum alloys by 30%, while foreign competitors could take one to 20 years to catch up with the technology.
Aluminum alloy C919
"Why reduce aircraft weight? According to the 2015 oil price, subtracting the weight of a kilogram of jet aircraft is equivalent to saving 12000 yuan in fuel consumption, "Wang said.
In an earlier interview, Wu Guanghui, the chief designer of C919, said the team was testing the performance of the new materials in panels and forgings. If the material passes the test, it will be used to replace imported materials on a large scale. According to media reports,
This new material has been widely used in space satellites, space stations such as Tiangong-1 and tiangong-2, and aircraft applications.
Juneyao group started to develop new materials business with Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2015. In September 2017, the company set up a research institute to advocate the intellectual property rights of new ceramic aluminum materials.