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A perfect combination: aluminum and Olympic Games


As an international authoritative sports competition, the world-famous Olympic Games absorb athletes from all over the world, and the Olympic medals are placed in the illusion and hope of all sports. It can be said that the Olympic Games have played a variety of functions of sports incisively and vividly, and its influence is far beyond the scope of sports. It has produced a series of influences that can not be ignored in politics, economy, philosophy, culture, science and technology, art and news media in the contemporary world.
The Olympic movement is not only a competition between sports, but also provides a stage for all kinds of materials related to this sports event to compete with each other and show their style. The Olympic motto "faster, higher, stronger" (Citius, Altius, Fortius) advocated from time to time enterprising and insatiable fighting spirit, not only encourages the athletes to be fearless, brave to fight and succeed in competitive sports, but also encourages people not to be ordinary, vigorous, enterprising and surpassing themselves in their life and work, so as to bring their potential into full play At the same time, the Olympic body also promotes the presentation and performance of various new materials from time to time.
Aluminum Olympics
Aluminum has been in the forefront of the "Olympic competition of information". In the exhibition of "new materials of victory" held by the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne from September 12, 2002 to March 16, 2003, people have seen the excellent performance of aluminum in the Olympic movement. In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, aluminum will continue to pursue excellence and become the real "Olympic gold" Information of "brand".
The first appearance of aluminum in the Olympic movement was used in the manufacture of the torch for the 1948 London Olympic Games. Since then, due to its comparable performance advantages, aluminum has attracted more and more attention. At present, aluminum has been widely used in Olympic equipment, interior decoration, transportation and packaging materials. For example, in the Olympic Games, aluminum is used in 45 kinds of sports equipment used in 80% of the projects; aluminum is also the indispensable information for making wheelchair for disabled athletes; in addition, all kinds of transportation vehicles made of aluminum materials through the Olympic venues provide great convenience for people's travel; a lot of food and beverage packaging costs are spent in the establishment of Olympic venues and during the Olympic Games Aluminum can also be seen everywhere. What makes the aluminum industry more proud is that the Olympic torch carrying the Olympic concept of "fair competition, friendship, war, culture and education" also takes aluminum as its preferred material. It can be said that aluminum has been everywhere in the Olympic movement.
1. Olympic torch
In addition, the design of the Olympic torch is made of the advanced technology of olive wood and aluminum in 2004. The torch weighs 700g and is 68cm high. Its design inspiration comes from the shape of olive leaves. The smooth shape of the curve complements the dynamic of the flame when it is extinguished, making the torch body like the flame jumping freely and continuing locally. The olive branch means Athens, at the same time, it shows war and freedom. Andreas varozos, a famous designer from Greece, highlights its natural nature by separating metal aluminum and olive wood. It fully shows the philosophy of "Pan metron Ariston" that separates ancient culture from modern science and technology, and shows the harmony between man and mother nature It also expresses the wonderful desire of all nationalities in the world to understand each other and to coexist in war.
Aluminum Olympic torch
The reason why designers choose metal aluminum is not only the light weight, wear resistance, easy processing, easy to connect with other materials, but also absorbed by the texture and color of aluminum appearance. The silver gray of aluminum is very similar to the color of the back of olive leaf, which perfectly expresses the designer's design idea. In addition, the recyclability of aluminum is also loved by designers. The use of recyclable materials reflects the common wish of people to protect the environment and pay attention to the survival and development of future generations. The compatibility of aluminum with other materials expresses the advanced concept of sustainable development.
2. Aluminum in motion
In the Olympic Games, in order to make the sports equipment reach the best performance, people are constantly looking for and developing new materials, or improving the performance of the original materials. Aluminum stands out in the competition with other materials. With advanced manufacturing technology, aluminum shows its excellent performance again and again, and has a place of application in many fields. It provides essential assistance for the motor to move towards the goal of "higher, faster and stronger". What people are looking at is the performance and characteristics of aluminum in the following aspects:
2.1 artistic effect
With more and more sports equipment used in this sports event, people put forward higher requirements for the artistic appearance of sports equipment. The sports drivers hope that the sports equipment not only has superior performance but also has beautiful appearance. Aluminum racing car is a good example. This kind of bicycle can be used in the frame, handlebar, front axle, rear axle, center axle, front and rear rim, front and rear brake, footstep, saddle, etc Aluminum is widely used in the parts. The total weight of the bicycle is less than 5kg. It is not only beautiful in overall structure, but also has the advantages of light weight and high strength.
2.2 light weight
The weight of aluminum is very light, and its proportion is only one third of that of steel. This advantage makes aluminum very suitable for making sports equipment with strict weight control, such as relay race, in order to minimize the selection